At DigArchaeology we are starting a new platform aimed at connecting students and those wishing to participate at archaeological digs in Eastern Europe with institutions which offer places on their projects.

The idea behind the project is simple. Hundreds of University and community projects conduct research excavations throughout the world every year, with thousands of people willing to join them. Many of these are in Eastern Europe.

In our opinion lack of a unifying, single platform which would bring the two together and language difficulties make it difficult for potential volunteers and excavations to communicate. We aim to do so in a way which is simple for both parties.

Institutions will provide details of their excavations. A broad overview of the project, dates, any images from past excavations at that location (if available), details about living conditions, board, working conditions, size of the expedition and any additional activities included in the proposal (cultural or social). The organisations will be asked to state if there is a cost involved in participating and what it covers. We will also ask for contact details of the organisation of person responsible for the project.

Individuals wishing to find an excavation will be able to look through a catalogue of future digs which are geographically referenced. Upon deciding on their choice, the individual will submit their details to us, which will be immediately forwarded to the organisation which hosts the dig.

At the current stage, we are finalising the website and are building a database of archaeological projects in the coming year. If you are interested in participating, please download a template from the links below and return it to us with appropriate contact information.